Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature and spend the day hiding in cracks around areas like sinks, drains, cookers and the backs of service ducts. Our cockroach pest control services is a necessity when they are found in your home.

Cockroaches emit an unpleasant almond like smell – only noticeable if the infestation is large. The German cockroach is a small species of cockroach, measuring about 1.3 cm to 1.6 cm (1/2″ to 5/8″) long.

People sometimes think they can treat the pests themselves, only to find that they make matters worse by obtaining products from DIY outlets with a poor percentage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money. Our Cockroach control in London provides an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

Cockroaches are an invasive species and not-well adapted to the British climate, therefore their presence in the UK is usually as an indoors pests. When they infest buildings they are difficult to dislodge and this is when professional pest control services come in useful.

Heated buildings provide optimal living conditions for cockroaches, which thrive at room temperature, as long as their need for moisture is met. Humid environments are perfect for cockroaches, so areas with hot water pipes such as kitchens and boiler rooms are likely places cockroaches will be found.

A whole host of harmful microorganisms have been discovered on cockroaches, including E coli and Salmonella, and the presence of these pests poses a severe hygiene risk. The disease risks associated with these insects make London cockroach control necessary for the preservation of good health.

There is more than one type of cockroach treatment and certain species respond differently to each method. The pest control agent, after inspecting the premises and analysing the nature and extent of infestation, may choose to employ one or more types of cockroach treatment.

Due to the resilience of these insects, largely due to the difficulty in destroying the eggs, cockroach control may be an ongoing process and professional Cockroach Pest Control operatives may have to pay more than one visit to a property to conduct treatment.

The long-term professional solution is the best bet for permanent removal of cockroaches.

There are at least four cockroach species known as in Britain at this time: the American cockroach, the Brown-banded cockroach, the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. Cockroach control London should occur if any of these species are identified.

Effective Treatments for Cockroach Infestations

We perform a thorough site inspection to find points of entry, food sources and nests – cockroaches hide in tiny cracks and are hard to find.
Our Cockroach Pest Control technicians spray the nests with professional insecticides and apply hormonal gels for long term extermination and control.

You should make the environment inhospitable for cockroaches by filling in cracks and securing food in tightly sealed containers.

Eradication of cockroaches can sometimes be complicated and should be carried out by a professional cockroach control company. They are very difficult to treat, their hiding places are often difficult to reach with insecticides and because of the efficiency of the breeding process and the large number of eggs produced.

The first step is to monitor the level of the infestation. Inspections should be carried out at night, when the cockroaches are most active, using a torch with a red filter which cockroaches do not respond to. A high standard of hygiene is important in the control of cockroaches and involves refusing access to food and water. This will increase cockroach activity and directed movement increasing the chance of the insects coming across insecticides. Inspections by our cockroach control experts should be carried out at night when the cockroaches are active.

Then maintenance treatments at less frequent intervals, should keep the insect population at an acceptable level. In the beginning there will be a considerable kill of adults and nymphs resulting in only the appearance of young nymphs from time to time. When using sticky traps appropriate placement sites would be beneath equipment, in roof spaces, behind counters, inside ducting and electrical trunking. When cockroaches become trapped they are known to produce aggregation pheromones which make the trap more attractive.

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How long do cockroaches survive without food?

Roaches can survive for up to a month without ingesting any food, but will typically die without water within a week!

Do cockroaches bite?

Although it’s very rare and only in circumstances when their food supply is short, cockroaches are indeed capable of biting.

Where do cockroaches live?

Cockroaches have become pests worldwide. They are attracted to buildings where there is food, moisture and warmth in the human environment; they feed on a wide range of foods that humans eat as well organic materials such as cardboard or glue which can be found around their surroundings too! These creatures also pick up diseases when transferring them onto other surfaces nearby- so keep your home clean by making sure no cockroach has access point into it at any given time.

Are cockroaches harmful?

Because these pests are known to inhabit drains, bathroom areas, and dumpsters, they have a high likelihood to pick up and transport pathogens and bacteria that are harmful to humans. It is safe to say that if you come in contact with a cockroach, ensure to wash your hands or any body part that came in contact with the pest.

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