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Facilities Management Pest Control

Facilities Management Pest Control

Our experts Facilities Management Pest Control partner with you to minimise the threat of pest infestations by both preventative and responsive strategies through our unique integrated pest management services.

Our experienced and fully trained operatives are proactive and will alert Facilities Management of any potential or actual issues found during their site inspections. Whether the premises is a commercial office block or industrial site or even retail park or residential estate, we will help Facilities Management protect their client’s investment – e.g. controlling rodents, birds and insects. Our solutions prevent ongoing damage to telecoms and building infrastructure and removing any potential sources of risk to health. This also avoids any negative impact on the wellbeing and brand reputation for employees and customers alike.

Facilities Management Pest Control London

As with all of our Facilities Management Pest Control services, we provide highly trained and experienced staff who use the latest pest control methods to address your issue head on. We ensure we offer high quality services using the best pest extermination techniques possible to ensure a quick and thorough result. Our areas of expertise include conventional pest extermination treatments for vermin, wasps, ants and bed bugs; as well as fleas and termite pest control. We also specialise in room fumigation for all types of pests including mice, rats, beetles, crawling insects, wasps’ nests, squirrels, pigeon, and birds.

Our Annual Maintenance Program provides a unique service tailor made to your needs. Comprehensive documentation and a full service schedule enable us to closely monitor all areas and address any pest related issues in the first possible instance.

Our team is here to take the time to communicate with clients and work with them to ensure that their properties are, and remain pest free without the need for expensive one-off re-active treatments.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Experienced – there is no pest that we have not identified and then successfully treated, eradicated or controlled. By calling is, you can be confident you have not only the best pest control service in Doncaster but also one of the most experienced too;
  • Qualified – pest controllers, as standard, hold the industry standard ‘Pest Control & Management’, level 2 certification as awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). This qualification means that as pest controllers, we have methods, equipment and treatments that can be used on all pests, as well as the safe use of professional grade insecticides and pesticides;
  • Humane – it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to any bird or animal, even if they are considered a pest; we do not and will not use methods that are considered inhumane;
  • Responsible – pest control is about ensuring that harmony and balance is restored in the local environment and to achieve this balance once again, no other animal or bird must be harmed or eradicated as this is harmful to the ecological balance of an area;

Locally Trusted & Well Known

To ensure our services are easy to monitor we provide a checkmate barcode system within our annual maintenance program that can be used by all clients to validate all areas of our activity time. The system allows our clients to keep track of the dates and the activity undertaken for each inspection, monitoring key information including service records, site plans and COSHH details.

We are fast becoming a well known and trusted throughout the facilities management sector as a leading supplier of facilities management pest control services. We have over the past 25 years built up trading relationships with a number of facilities management companies over this period, and have built relationships that enable us to extend our customer base in this sector.

We understand that ensuring your client’s premises are pest free is key and that communication is important when problems arise. We’re is not about local technicians carrying out day to day jobs. It’s about small business owners who passionately put their customers business at the heart of theirs.

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