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Corporate & Office Pest Control

Corporate & Office Pest Control

Our Corporate & Office Pest Control experts work throughout the city and surrounding areas, providing expert professional pest control services for both home owners and businesses. Our team of local technicians, surveyors and field biologist are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified. Their training, experience and expertise allows them to produce the safest and most effective treatments to deal with pest problems on your premises.

Pests can present many difficulties wherever they decide to make a new home. Businesses can be disrupted and lose money as a result of an infestation, while homeowners can be driven out of their houses or apartments. With this in mind, it is important to eradicate pests as quickly as possible once they have been discovered.

Corporate and Office Pest Control London

We understand the distress that pests can cause, which is why we make it a priority to get to our customers living in London at the earliest opportunity. Once we have assessed the situation, we can recommend the best solution on a bespoke case-by-case basis to ensure the problem is resolved once and for all.

No matter whether you’re a landlord, shop owner, public house, restaurant, cafe, takeaway, offices ect. We have a maintenance contract to suit you! Our pest control maintenance contracts are sold based on technical knowledge and not misleading sales presentations. Our vastly experienced technicians evaluate your needs, present a suitable solution and install all necessary equipment. All work is agreed and pricing fixed to ensure there can be no misunderstandings throughout. We really do want to provide you with an honest and reliable service.

We are highly experienced in Corporate & Office Pest Control, and well established in the London area for providing incredibly effective pest control solutions. Our business works on the principle that a prompt and reliable service coupled with competitive prices will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Importance of Office Pest Control in London

  • Businesses are becoming more aware of the need to have a Pest Control Contract cover on hand;
  • Over the last decade Companies are more concerned about the problems of pest bring to their business, from disease’s to health, building and property damage and reputation;
  • London Pest Control can offer a comprehensive service from rodents and insects, bird control and building proofing;
  • We aim to make our Customers our Number One Priority!

The Best Choice for Exterminators

We, at London Pest Control, appreciate the need for ecological, yet progressive and business friendly pest control solutions in compliance with current recommendations and legislation ensuring that our pest control services are provided both professionally and legally in accordance with current best practices and pest control industry standards.

We tackle all your Corporate & Office Pest Control and infestation problems in London, from rodents to insects and birds. Rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps, ants and birds can cause havoc to normal modern life. Pests cause damage to products, especially warehouses and factories. It is therefore necessary to keep them in control.

We offer Traps for the humane control of mice, rats, squirrels and other animals. In cases of extreme infestation organic non-toxic pesticides are also available.

Discreet Commercial Pest Control Services

Discretion is assured at all time. Site visits will be arranged when it’s most convenient for your business even if that means visiting on an evening or weekend. We are confident that our commercial pest control services are one of the most comprehensive services available.

For a quotation, free survey or if you simply need some advice, please contact Cityspec on 020 8687 4206. Or complete our online form for a Instant Response to your enquiry.

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